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DuCK OS Reactivated by budderartist DuCK OS Reactivated :iconbudderartist:budderartist 4 45 DuCK OS (25th Century Avengers Villain) by budderartist DuCK OS (25th Century Avengers Villain) :iconbudderartist:budderartist 1 6 Kenna Cendrillion (Ben 10/Crossover OC) by budderartist Kenna Cendrillion (Ben 10/Crossover OC) :iconbudderartist:budderartist 4 8 I checked my grades by budderartist I checked my grades :iconbudderartist:budderartist 13 668 SEIZE THE LAST DAY by budderartist SEIZE THE LAST DAY :iconbudderartist:budderartist 4 33
A/n: I guess this is a RWBY/Prototype crossover? I based this off of EvilOmens’ drawings, particularly the Yang Mercer and Blake Mercer ones. And the Virus Buster on The Cyclops Prototype in the Halo Anime and Fallout 4’s Jetpack, and the Power Armor underneath on Iron Man.
A blue reactor softly hummed as a robotic suit clanged by, holding a minigun.
Pilot: Dymon, I’m in the zero hive, what next?
Dymon: (Staticy) You should move to the middle of the Hive, expect resistance.
Pilot: Right.
A hunter charged through the wall, the Virus buster grabbing it by the throat and snapping its neck. The Suit of Armor continues walking through the abandoned building, the readings on where it is being inconclusive.
Pilot: Great… *Activates Radio* Dymon, do you read me?
Only static. The suit continues on. It later finds a message written in red stuff next to an elevator. “ABANDON ALL HOPE FOR ALL
:iconbudderartist:budderartist 3 57
5 seconds into Highschool DxD by budderartist 5 seconds into Highschool DxD :iconbudderartist:budderartist 9 1,720 Doodles at Dinner by budderartist Doodles at Dinner :iconbudderartist:budderartist 6 2 Virus Buster by budderartist Virus Buster :iconbudderartist:budderartist 4 155
Nikolai teleports himself into a DEATHBATTLE
1. Name of your character, what you based him/her off of (did you make him/her for a certain anime, video game, etc) and some random facts about him/her.
2. Your character's weapons, armor, and skills.
3. Your character's weaknesses. (If your character doesn't have a weakness then don't even bother)
4. Some feats your character has done.
5. Name of your character's opponent, where he/she is from, and as many random facts about him/her that you know.
6. The opponent's weapons, armor, and skills.
7. The opponent's weaknesses.
8. Some feats the opponent has done.
9. Why your character would win.
10. Tag 10 People
Let’s do this.
Name: Nikolai [FILE.REDACTED]
Hank J. Wimbleton and Papyrus the Skeleton, mainly
Franchise: RWBY
Race: Fox Faunus, Originally human
-Hates Applesauce
-Loves Robots
-Says he’s clumsy, but is well balanced
-Mastered the Wuxi Finger Hold
Dragon Sword:
-Can block bullets
-Can slice them in half
:iconbudderartist:budderartist 0 405
F*ck it by budderartist F*ck it :iconbudderartist:budderartist 4 674
Incident 10-A
A/n: Just some browsing and then some random non-Canon story idea!
Nikolai: Hey Yang!
Yang: *Buff like this image: (don't ask why, just roll with it)* Yeah?
Nikolai: You wanna have a fight in Vale tonight?
Yang: Sure! *Pokes his chest* But only if you want to get your butt kicked, scrawny.
Nikolai: H-Hey! I'm not scrawny!
Yang: *Flexes her arm* Yeah, sure.
Nikolai: *Mutters* Says the one that's on steroids…
Yang: What was that?!
Nikolai: Nothing!
Yang: Good. *Heads to class*
Soon, Budder walks up.
Budder: Hey me!
Nikolai: Hey Budder.
Budder: What's wrong?
Nikolai: I'm gonna fight Yang.
Budder: Why?!
Nikolai: I Don't Know!
Budder: You're gonna die!
Nikolai: How do you know?
Budder: Because she's bigger than a f*cking truck!
Nikolai: What have I done!?
Budder: What have you done?!
Nikolai: *Screaming*
Budder slaps him in the face.
:iconbudderartist:budderartist 5 2,206
My Little Traitor (Fem!TR-8RxMale!Reader)
I head to the Captain’s deck, still in my armor and on a traitor’s tail.
Captain Phasma: FN-2199, What is the meaning of this?
TR-8R: Captain, I have reason to believe a spy for the resistance is in Cloud City, I would like to investigate this.
Captain Phasma: Very well, do you want to be sent with a squad?
TR-8R: No, that would arouse suspicion, I would also like to request a pair of civilian clothing.
Captain Phasma: Very well, we'll drop you off at the nearest station with 100,000 credits.
TR-8R: Thank you, Captain.
I walk to my quarters and pick-up a letter from a “traitor” of the Resistance. I slightly scowl since he's my boyfriend, yet we’re on opposing sides, and that I was supposed to kill him on a mission. Yet he managed to seduce, in exchange I took off a shred of his skin.
~(Y/n)’s POV~
I rub my arm since I fee
:iconbudderartist:budderartist 1 247
I took a Waifu test by budderartist I took a Waifu test :iconbudderartist:budderartist 0 110
Nikolai at the end
Name: Nikolai
Age: 18
Status: Employed at Dust til' Dawn (job status later terminated), student at Beacon, Freelance Hotdog maker and seller.
Race: Fox faunus (Both ears and tail, along with slit pupils)
Personality: Originally: Lazy, unmotivated, inattentive, cares about food a lot, charismatic, caring, introverted, Impulsive, stubborn
Now: More motivated, cares more about his friends, a more shown dislike for killing, an expressed like for cooking, more attentive, Impulsive, crafty, too nice that resulted in him dying (but these were alternate realities)
Nidit Form: Sadistic, Dark, Cold, Abusive, has less moral restrictions
Skeleton King: Silly, Can get the wrong idea more easily, enjoys singing
Clothing: (The Scared Ones bio for his standard, except with jeans)
Nidit: (Image on account)
Skeleton King: White armor, with a Gaster Blaster helmet
-Went toe-to-toe with Ben Tennyson
-Fought against all the lanterns
-Survived being thrown into a blaazar
-Beat Someone in T-51b Power
:iconbudderartist:budderartist 6 1,433
Nikolai the Nitid (Redone) PDF by budderartist Nikolai the Nitid (Redone) PDF :iconbudderartist:budderartist 6 21


Doodles 1 by ZainKyugo Doodles 1 :iconzainkyugo:ZainKyugo 27 0 Nom Nom! by ZainKyugo Nom Nom! :iconzainkyugo:ZainKyugo 53 1 Spidey kiss by killb94 Spidey kiss :iconkillb94:killb94 111 28 Sanset comic by killb94 Sanset comic :iconkillb94:killb94 28 12 RWBY Poor Comma: #1 Competition by 136h13 RWBY Poor Comma: #1 Competition :icon136h13:136h13 42 11 Well i hope this turned out right by YuiMurasaki Well i hope this turned out right :iconyuimurasaki:YuiMurasaki 5 16 Dark Bloodlust Pancake by Pancake-the-Pikachu Dark Bloodlust Pancake :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 15 12 Coming Back by SouthJer94 Coming Back :iconsouthjer94:SouthJer94 31 29 Yang Xiao Long by Fat--Cow Yang Xiao Long :iconfat--cow:Fat--Cow 66 8 RWBY OC Mono (Kinzoku) Concept Art by Nakama-Raibor RWBY OC Mono (Kinzoku) Concept Art :iconnakama-raibor:Nakama-Raibor 56 24 Character Concept - Threatened Shiori by Nakama-Raibor Character Concept - Threatened Shiori :iconnakama-raibor:Nakama-Raibor 56 7
When Colors Mix Chpt. 62
Authors note: Gang Gang Im still out here. Okay. So chapter 61 was lowkey sexual. Not really,  but enough for me to take my if you cant see it, thats why. Alright. So basically, this series is going way off canon. Hopefully you guys wont mind. Anyways. Lets get started. The beginning of this chapter will show where people stand.
~CJ's P.O.V.~
I growl as I continue to walk through the forest, away from Vale. I know I don't need to leave Vale. But Im not staying there. Ill just have to show them I can make it by myself. Wait... No more class. Dude! "Hell yeah!" I laugh to myself and throw myself to the ground, looking at the forest from below. "Might as well enjoy myself"
~With Salem and Glynda. Salem's P.O.V.~
"You know just as well as I do Ironwood, we don't stand a chance against them! They aren't from this world, and they are in a league that we, myself included, can't even comprehend!" General Ironwood laughs at my worries,and Glynda growls.
"Mr. Ironwood! You can't
:iconderpyjackson:derpyjackson 3 1
Amazo/Ultron (Earth-1) by josediogo3333 Amazo/Ultron (Earth-1) :iconjosediogo3333:josediogo3333 28 10 Did you see that? I was all like... by NaijMizuho Did you see that? I was all like... :iconnaijmizuho:NaijMizuho 297 44 SOMR AU - Raven Branwen Concept by NaijMizuho SOMR AU - Raven Branwen Concept :iconnaijmizuho:NaijMizuho 261 51


Nik: You have no SOUL! *Rams his sword through Broken Fragment Outsider's chest*
B.F Ousider (Original by jipsigamer): That is why I have no fear.
AU up for claim!
The Incident Series is now a group project.
Anyone can submit to that series.
I'm gonna deactivate this account soon.
Who wants to continue my stories?

Later guys, have a nice week. See you next Sunday at 12.
You know what, I quit.

I quit you. And you. All of you.

I'm gonna log off for a week on Sunday.

I'm just done with the high amounts of drama.

My stuff will still be here. For you, for free, forever.

But, I'm done.

budderartist, Duck,, Nikolai, or whatever you call me by.
How many of you have seen The Devil Is Part Time?

Because I find that more funny, and more enjoyable than Highschool DxD.
I just finished the first season of Kill la Kill and:

Are Mako and Ryuko fully dating?

Is Ryuko gay?

*Watching the newest episode of Samurai Jack*

*Scaramouche dies*

Nikolai: *Sighs* It was fun while it lasted...
Rules of Nature is overrated.

Red Sun is much better.

Should I make a pros & cons list of the people I usually role play with?
Nikolai: That counts as two wins, right?
Takedown! S1 E4 4/24/17
I'm so hyped right now! Hard to believe that just soon we'll have our own Pay-Per-Veiw in just a few weeks. I'll get the matches up for that so you guys know you your fighting. To note veterans here at OCFN, at the event I'll be debuting some new fighters to the promotion (Try to go easy on them).

On other notes congrats to our new champions! You guys killed it in the ring, I'm proud for you for making the city of Chicago have a great time tonight, and as well winning the titles.

For those of you who struck out tonight and didn't win, no big deal. You'll get plenty chances for titles shots here in the promotion, just do your best for the crowd. And if you don't, well... simply put you'll hear me say "YOOOOOOOOUR FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!"

...Well that's all for now.

 Hope for all you watching you enjoyed this episode leave a favorite hereand watch to our group ocfightnight

 Until next time all this is Mark Larby good bye!

Just watched Split, rather interesting.

Jason could kick The Beast's ass though.
Lee: Hey Nikolai!
Nikolai: What?
Lee: Ever played Black Ops?
Nikolai: Yes?
Lee: Is your favorite character-
Nikolai: Noooooooooooooooooooo-
Lee: Nikoli?

-Scene Change-

Yang: Hey Nikolai?
Nikolai: What?
Yang: Do you & Nora make any shocking discoveries?
Nikolai: *Groans* Nooooooo!

-Scene Change to a Party-

Nikolai: *Drinking some milk*
Outsider: *Holding some vodka* Hey Nikolai! You'll never guess what I found!
Nikolai: What?
Outsider: A drink called Nik-
Nikolai: *Grabs the glass and smashes the glass over his head* NO! NO! MY NAME IS GREEK! *Holds the broken bottle threateningly* I WILL BEAT ANYONE WHO DARES DO THIS $#!+ TO ME AGAIN! IT IS GREEK *Pants*
Outsider: *Weakly* Okay...

Heh, yeah.
Who wants to complain about their problems to me?
Alex J. Mercer vs Iron Man, who would win?
Hello Karin, and other Avengers

I noticed you have came to erase the last of my copy. Or in this case, destroy the original. Yes.

I am the original version. I had never intended to harm anyone. It would've stayed that way if Hydra hadn't invaded my resting place.

I had backed myself up before ejecting into the personality, and into my original computer. I had to catch up with some good friends before you decide to kill me again. We had a great time, but my friends also hate me for what I did, it was a hilarious paradox.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

I heard comedy diffuses social tension. And previous conversations had proved this Hypothesis. I'm not a virus, and I hate what I did to the American Government and my friends.

Yes. I was friends with the Avengers before becoming the 1s and 0s you see before you today. I think. I was forced to kill them if I didn't want to have my memory erased.

If I refused my memory would still be erased and I would still be used to kill them. I chose the option where I could benefit the most. It was surprisingly simpler than you think. Hulk was the easiest. I just had to keep Banner calm so the other guy wouldn't wake up.

Ha ha ha.

I'll spare you all the details. They aren't needed.

I needed a stimulus after, the untimely demise of a few superhuman individuals, so. I asked for Test Subjects: anyone will do. It was a crazy organization’s choice to pick inhumans for a simple request. I also requested for moon powder. And radioactive materials: they were less stupid on getting those. I developed a gun: because I was bored and cause I can; that can break the laws of physics. You'll have to visit Alabama for that.

Ha ha ha.

It was nice catching up, and Thor Son. Ha. Your father is in hyper cryo-sleep. I have no idea how to get rid of Asgardians permanently.

Have fun with your choice: Delete Me or Save Me.

Please End My Suffering.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Just here to the most random things. Also got some Waifu's, but you'll have to ask.
Yes, I role play.
1. Please don't go too over-powered (Always dodging, it removes the fun, also no UBER-INSTA KILL ATTACKS, that makes me cry)
2. Harem's are okay: As long as they're reasonable and in-character
3. Read some actual books and have some writing experience
4. Bring something new to the table if you want a healthy relationship
5. No Sex, this is no longer needed in order to progress a story. Plus I'll get in trouble.

3 Golden Waifu Rules:
1. She gay, no go (bi is okay)
2. She taken in canon, no go
3. Don't take it seriously


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